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murder lawyer torontoIn 2011 Robb was in three trials for individuals charged with murder.

Murder is either first or second degree. First degree murder includes murders that are “planned and deliberate” or those that involve the murder of a peace officer. Murder can also be first degree if it is committed during the course of a sexual assault, kidnapping, hostage taking or hijacking. All other murders are second degree. Convictions for murder result in mandatory life imprisonment with no parole eligibility for 25 years (1st degree) or 10 years (2nd degree).

There is a wide range of punishment for the other types of homicide such as manslaughter or other offences causing death such as criminal negligence, dangerous driving, and impaired driving.

For a murder conviction, a prosecutor must go far beyond establishing that a death has been caused. Even if an Accused can be linked to a cause of death, issues of intent and state of mind, are focal points in any murder or manslaughter trial. There are also possible excuses and justifications, even for intentional homicides.

When facing murder or manslaughter charges, it is essential for the Accused to consult counsel immediately and for the Accused to avoid making statements about the allegations or the incident.

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