Criminal Defense Lawyer Toronto

Criminal Defense Lawyer Toronto

It is not common for someone to have a name for a good defense law firm handy in their contact list. This is because many people never become involved in anything that calls for help from a criminal defense lawyer in Toronto. In the off-chance that you or someone that you love ends up getting arrested and you have to find help, you can start to search for a criminal defense attorney near me. But where do you go from there?

Criminal Law Toronto

These are some important points to keep in mind that will help you to know that you are selecting the best person for the job of representing your case:

  1. Know Your Legal Needs – Whether your charge is minor or major, seeking advice on your legal situation is imperative. Even if you do not hire an attorney, you will get helpful information to aid in your decision from the consultation. Someone facing serious charges should always look for the best defense attorneys in Toronto before going to court.
  2. Do You Need Specialized Criminal Defense Lawyer in Toronto? Something that you need to know is that many lawyers will specialize in a certain defense realm. You should always find out about their specialty areas before you decide so that you know you have someone well-versed in the laws about your case and unique situation.
  3. Schedule Your Consultation – You can think of your consultations with Toronto, ON, criminal lawyers as a mixture of an interview and information session. This is a good time to learn more about the attorney, as well as what you may be facing when it comes to the inner-workings of your case.

During your consultation, you can ask your attorney about their experience, but they will also need to gather information from you. You may be asked questions such as:

  • What is the crime you are charged with?
  • Can you tell me what officers on the scene said?
  • Was there anyone else involved?
  • Did other parties have anything to say?
  • What exactly did you do, see, or hear?
  • Is there anything you can tell me regarding the moments leading to the arrest or after the arrest?

Your Toronto criminal defense lawyer will usually ask you to bring paperwork with you to your consultation, such as:

  • Arrest and bail documentation
  • The police report
  • Available evidence
  • The property search report
  • Details regarding witnesses, statements, and contact information

If you ever find that you are charged with a criminal offense, it is better to navigate the process while under the guidance of a skilled criminal defense lawyer in Toronto. When you know that you need assistance and want nothing but the best, you can set up a time to talk with Robb MacDonald. He is a lawyer that has a strong background in winning cases at trial, and you deserve nothing but the finest representation. If you are ready to get started forming your defense case, contact Robb MacDonald, Toronto Criminal Lawyer. for a free consultation by calling (416) 315-1505 at your earliest convenience.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Toronto

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