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  • Charged With Sexual Assault? Let Top Toronto Lawyer Robb MacDonald Help.

    sexual assault lawyer torontoRobb has won Sexual Assault cases and had his clients acquitted in front of Ontario Court judges and in front of Superior Court juries.

    Though it’s rare to have sexual assault charges dropped completely, Toronto criminal lawyer Robb has been successful in doing so. In the recent case of R v. Khalandarzada, Robb’s client was charged with sexually assaulting a stranger. The sexual assault was said to have taken place after Mr. Khalandarzada entered into the privacy of the stranger’s home. In the face of strong Crown evidence, Robb was able to negotiate with the Crown Attorney’s office in order to have all sexual assault charges withdrawn against his client.

    In R v. Olascoaga, the accused was charged with sexual assault involving allegations of non-consensual sex taking place at a party in a residential setting. Because the accused was a Mexican national (and a flight risk) he was denied bail and had to wait in custody for upwards of a year. At trial, Robb exposed inconsistencies and significant credibility issues with the complainant’s testimony. Through cross-examination, it became apparent that the complainant may have had a personal motive to fabricate the allegations. After a lengthy trial that spanned three months, the accused was acquitted of all charges.

    “Sexual assault” under the Criminal Code can encompass some of the most horrendous crime. Such allegations can carry with them a devastating stigma for the Accused. That said, many innocent people have faced allegations relating to . Defence Counsel must carefully interview clients who face these charges in order to determine what valid defences may exist. The Accused must then work with his lawyer to defend the allegations. An acquittal is the first step to repairing one’s reputation.

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    • What Clients & Judges Say

      I would like to thank Mr. MacDonald because you worked really hard on this case, over months, and to achieve a really good outcome for your client, and you were professional and wonderful at every stage and I thank you for that.

      Justice M. Devlin 

      I cannot leave this case without telling counsel that, as I’m entering a third decade as a judge on this bench, I can count on one hand the number of times I have said what I’m about to say to counsel. Gentlemen, your courtesy, your civility and your professionalism with one another and to the Court in these proceedings is, in my view, a testament to your considerable skills as advocates.


      I Feel Like I Owe My Life to Robb. I lost my fiancé, my job, and almost my house when I was first charged with these crimes. It felt like no one stood by me. As soon as I met Robb I had the utmost confidence in him and I knew he was the man for the job. He spent countless hours preparing me for the trial. During the trial, he performed an outstanding cross examination on the man who’d accused me of these crimes. At the end of Robb’s cross examination I knew that no one in the court room believed his side of story. Robb was nothing short of a life-saver.


      I had given up hope. I thought there was no way to beat my charges. I spoke to other lawyers before meeting with Robb MacDonald and I was strongly considering entering a guilty plea. When Robb looked at my case, he suggested that we bring a Charter Argument. I didn’t even know what that was. We spent a whole day in court and Robb and the Crown Attorney argued about whether or not my Charter Rights had been violated because I had to wait so long for my trial date. At the end of the day, Robb’s arguments convinced the judge to stay all the charges against me.

      MR. MACH 
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