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26 Jan Drug Crimes

Toronto Drug Crimes Defence Lawyer Robb MacDonald Can Help.

drug lawyer torontoCharged with Drug Trafficking, Drug Possession, Drug Cultivation?

Robb has defended countless Defendants accused of drug related offences in Toronto and the GTA. He has dealt with crimes involving importing and exporting drugs for alleged international drug cartels. Robb is also experienced in representing numerous individuals facing independent drug charges including “simple possession”, “trafficking”, and “possession for the purpose of trafficking.”

Some of Robb’s previous clients have been targeted by the Toronto Police Service in large scale projects, including Project Fusion, Project Folkstone, Project Cabra, and Project Lam Ying.

Most recently, in Project Lam Ying, Robb’s client Mr. Tran was arrested for production and trafficking mass quantities of Ecstasy (MDMA). Mr. Tran was also facing charges of conspiracy and commission of an indictable offence for the benefit of, at the direction of, or in association with, a criminal organization. In the midst of the Preliminary Hearing, Robb was able to negotiate with the Crown Attorney to have all charges withdrawn as against Mr. Tran. Most of Mr. Tran’s co-accuseds have either been convicted or are still before the courts.

Robb also defended clients in Project Marvel, Project O.B., and Project Predator.  His clients in all of these cases were charged with large scale drug / trafficking offences.  If his clients in any of these projects were convicted for the charges they initially faced, they would have served significant penitentiary sentences. Ultimately, Robb’s clients in Projects Marvel, O.B. and Predator all walked away without criminal records.

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