Truck Accident Attorney Near Me

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Truck Accident Attorney Near Me

Are you searching for answers to the #1 truck accident attorney near me? Flahavan Law Injury Attorneys is a preeminent personal injury law firm with two of the top lawyers in the business: Kevin and William Flahavan. Our attorneys have over 55 years of legal experience and have helped plaintiffs receive millions of dollars in compensation over time.

Could I get compensation for my injuries if the accident is partly my fault?

If you share responsibility for an accident partly, you can still recover “damages” from the opposite party responsible for negligence. However, you will only receive compensation to the extent of the other party’s fault for the accident. If you are 25% at fault for the accident and the other party is 75% at fault, your defendant will only pay you 75% of compensation for your damages and personal injuries.

California is a comparative negligence state. This means you can seek compensation from the other party even if you share 99% of the fault. Be sure to search for the top truck accident attorney near me to tactfully negotiate with the insurance adjuster on the percentage of fault that you and the other party share for the accident.

Who is responsible for a truck accident?

Multiple parties and factors could be at fault for your accident injuries. Some of the players that may be responsible for your injuries in a truck accident include:

  • The truck’s driver
  • The owner of the truck or trailer
  • The company that is on the lease papers of the truck or trailer
  • The manufacturer of the truck or trailer, its tires, spare parts, etc., which may have contributed to the cause of the accident
  • The loader of the truck’s cargo if the accident occurred due to improper loading

Often, the argument occurs between the trucking company, the hauling company, and the leasing company when trying to figure out whose insurance will compensate the victim. Be sure to hire a skilled truck accident attorney to receive a favorable outcome and maximize your compensation.

Top reasons to hire a truck accident expert

If you have recently suffered injuries in a truck accident, it can be a devastating time for you physically, emotionally, and financially. However, working with a skilled legal professional can reduce your troubles drastically and improve your chances of returning to normal life soon. Here are some of the top reasons to hire a professional for your case:

  • An attorney will have several years of experience in handling claims that are similar to yours, which can help you receive the maximum compensation.
  • You do not have to pay anything until you receive a settlement/award in your personal injury claim.
  • A personal injury lawyer will have his own team of investigators to interview witnesses, gather testimonies, collect valuable evidence, etc., in support of your case, which can save you time and effort.

Your search for the best truck accident attorney near me ends here. Schedule a free consultation with the leading personal injury lawyer in California, William Flahavan. Flahavan Law Injury Attorneys is a highly sought-after law firm with a successful track record in winning jury trials and helping clients receive the highest settlement through mediation.

Truck Accident Attorney Near Me

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