Severance Lawyer Jacksonville

Severance Lawyer Jacksonville

What should you do when your employer offers you a severance package? Losing your job is already challenging, and a lot more could worsen when you do not have an attorney to protect against these vultures.

We have encountered many different accountancies with every possible situation and have experience figuring out experiences that deliver effective results. A local age discrimination lawyer has the right to pursue different decisions and offer the most appropriate one for your situation and company.

The Role Of Your Severance Lawyer In Jacksonville

Pursue All Your Claims

Overall, we will review the agreements of your package and then determine how much you truly deserve. Some of the things the discrimination law firms look at to establish the total cost of the package include the following:

  • The rate of the pay
  • Bonus money
  • Value of your legal claims
  • Disability benefits
  • Job references or placements
  • The cost of your life between the time it takes between severance and landing a new job

Consider that the terms and outcomes will vary significantly for each person. Working with an attorney who will secure your claims by detailing the most critical issue to increase your offering is better.

Prove Legal Claims For The Employer

It is essential to take some time to review your agreement and determine that it is legal and deserves proper compensation. Race discrimination lawyers prove that an unlawful dismissal triggered the severance due to discrimination, harassment, work violation, and poor job accommodation. Proving the unlawful acts of the company adds more weight to the case so that you have time and deserved compensation for your period and experiences with the company.

Get You Out Of A Bad Deal

What happens if you already signed the contract and are now stuck in a bad deal? We have a lot of experience in similar issues and know which requirements are necessary to prove that you are unlawfully bound to the contract.

In some situations, the employer requires you to continue offering your services even after they have ended the employment. Often, the contract will have vague and complicated language, so you will not know that you are indeed bound to the contract, and any violation automatically nullifies the possibility of compensation.

Employment discrimination lawyers also look at other benefits and conditions tied into the contract, so we know how best to ensure you still get disability benefits, health insurance covers, and more.

Help With Compensation After Group Termination

Employers must honor the agreement when the severance complies with the laws. This creates a point of weakness where the employer may now choose to retain some of the benefits because they have terminated a group of people, not just you, as required by the severance contract.

Did you know that you can also hire an attorney before severed from your job? Let us help you before you sign any papers and even when you are in a strenuous position. Contact our best civil rights attorneys here for a free consultation.

Severance Lawyer Jacksonville

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