Separation In Ontario

Separation In Ontario

If you are worried your divorce affecting your kids, the best thing is to do everything you can to reduce their exposure to conflict. In fact, according to research, family mediation in Ontario considerably improves communication between parents, results in better outcomes for kids, and minimizes the court’s involvement. If you’re considering Ontario mediation and divorce solutions, we can help. At Positive Solutions Divorce Services, our mediators possess the expertise and knowledge required for parties to efficiently and quickly obtain a legal separation in Ontario. We also provide practical and affordable divorce solutions in Ontario.

When is a Separation More Practical than a Divorce?

At some point in life, a married couple may need to separate their lives on paper but not divorce each other. While a separation is not necessarily permanent, almost all issues in an Ontario divorce are covered in a separation, including splitting assets, separating bank accounts, and child custody. If a divorce is out of the question, here instances when a legal separation may be the solution you need.

  1. You Think Your Marriage Can Be Saved

Unlike a divorce, a separation can be reversed. Although you work out all the concerns similar in a divorce, such as child custody, bank accounts, and households, you don’t actually end your marriage.

This can be a much-needed break from each other for several months or years without severing your marriage. If you and your significant other still love each other but, due to unfortunate circumstances, need time apart, a separation might work for you. Also, if you are not ready to quit on your marriage and think you and your spouse still have a chance to reconcile, you can opt for a separation.

  1. Spouses who Live Far Apart

Legal separation is quite common when two people in a marriage live far apart. This may be due to work obligations. When that happens, many spouses prefer to separate their legal identities, finances officially, and property ownership, if only for some time.

  1. Religion Prohibits Divorce

Some strict religions forbid divorce once you’re married, on the grounds of taking vows, pledging to remain by your partner’s side until death separates you. In such a situation, the best solution is to legally separate finances and households as well as make custody arrangements for your kids. That way, you will still remain married and won’t be going against your religion.

  1. You’re in the Public Eye

If you, your spouse, or both of you are in the limelight, something as private as a divorce would gain public attention, causing so much chaos. If you’ve ended your romantic relationship with your spouse, but the option of divorce could negatively impact your relationship, the best alternative would be a legal separation.

Compassionate Divorce Mediation Services

When it comes to separation in Ontario, we will do everything we can to make the process less stressful and less time-consuming for you and your kids. In a non-adversarial, structured, comfortable, and caring space, our expert, accredited mediators will help you come to a mutually satisfactory agreement customized to meet the unique needs of your family. Contact Positive Solutions Divorce Services for a free consultation with our online mediation specialists for separating couples in Ontario: 888-779-8777.

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Separation In Ontario

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