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After someone dies, the deceased property sometimes gets settled through probate, a legal process. The last thing you need to worry about at this point is managing a complex legal process that can leave you maxed out in terms of stress and confusion. Fortunately, hiring a probate lawyer can make the confusing and stressful probate process easier for you and your family members.

When To Hire A Probate Lawyer

When someone dies without a written will or with a will that an attorney didn’t draft, the family member may believe that the will isn’t legally valid, which could lead to conflict. If this happens, the person selected to serve as executor will need to hire a probate lawyer to provide professional and legal guidance. You need to hire a probate attorney to help every family member stay calm and minimize conflict when tensions get to a boiling point after a loved one dies.

You need to hire a probate attorney if someone makes a legal claim. A probate lawyer can assess the claim, discuss whether it has legal merit, and advise on how to handle it. You also need a probate lawyer to help all the family members stay polite and work things out if heirs have questions about their inheritances or feel the executor has treated them unfairly, which can lead to disputes with other relatives.

What A Probate Lawyer Can Do

A probate attorney can help executors and administrators in probate court. When you hire a probate lawyer, they can assist you with the following:

  • Collect assets and prepare inventory
  • Assist in valuing assets and protecting them
  • Pay the required expense of the estate as well as debts and taxes
  • Address all beneficiary concerns
  • Give notice to creditors and settle issues such as creditor claims
  • Identify and manage life insurance policy proceeds
  • Ensure all documentation and paperwork are completed 
  • Sell property, prepare account, and final distribution of the assets
  • Assist with final distributions to beneficiaries and heirs
  • Advise the executor and beneficiaries of the estate through their many responsibilities and duties.

Why Choose Us?

Here at Broaden Law LLP, our probate lawyer in San Diego has a wealth of information relating to the probate process. We have years of experience in the legal processes of probate as well as creating wills and can apply this knowledge to help you. Our legal team is dedicated to simplifying the legal process and freeing your mind of unnecessary stress. Whether you need help with a probate case, or any other legal matter concerning an estate in San Diego, Broaden Law LLP can help. Our probate lawyers will handle all of the courts’ involvement and help you streamline the distribution of assets.

If you would like to start planning the estate process, need help with probate litigation questions, or review your case, please get in touch with our San Diego probate lawyer today at 619-567-6845 to schedule a free legal consultation. We look forward to helping you.




Probate Lawyer San Diego

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