Post Divorce Modification Attorney Dallas Texas

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Post Divorce Modification Attorney Dallas Texas

Planning on changing the initial child custody agreement? Not sure whether the court will allow you post-divorce modifications for the custody of your child? As per the law, parents can go for a child custody modification but only under certain circumstances.

Texas has flexible laws when it comes to child custody modification. The court will finalize its decision considering the best interest of the child. But to understand the legal proceedings and make the jury agree to your terms and conditions, you need assistance from the best Texas post-divorce modification attorneys. Consult Hargrave Family Law to get the services of the best Dallas divorce lawyer.

Circumstances Considered During Custody Modification:

The judge will consider multiple factors before finalizing any amendment in the custody plan. A successful petition is based on the following two factors:

  • Due to significant changes in conditions or events that could lead to a change in a parenting plan or custody order.
  • The modification is being petitioned in the best interest of the child.

As a parent, you need to prove these facts in court, and after careful evaluation, the judge will approve your request for changes in the custody plan. Our Dallas child custody and support modification attorney will help you file for the modification process, ensuring that you can achieve the desired changes to your previous custody plan.

Reasons To Go For Child Custody Modification:

The court will only approve parent’s modification requests in case of permanent changes in their circumstances. The reasons a judge may let you pursue the modifying agreement includes the following:

  • One parent refuses to follow the terms and clauses of the child custody agreement agreed by both parents at the time of divorce.
  • The mental, physical, or emotional needs of the child have changed over time.
  • There is a change in the financial status of the custodial parent.
  • A considerable change in parents situation, including both positive and negative. A positive change may refer to a parent’s past addiction habits which they were able to overcome and now want to take responsibility for their child.
  • Domestic violence issues in parent’s house. The child is in immediate danger as the parent gets involved in addiction, substance abuse, or the parent becomes mentally unstable or seriously ill.
  • The parent who currently holds custody of the child is moving to another state or county, which may disturb the life of the child.

Best Post-divorce Modification Attorney Dallas:

Hargrave Family Law can help you with the child custody modification process. Connect with a post-divorce modification attorney Dallas, Texas through our law firm. Our lawyers have knowledge about all the laws regarding child custody modification and can guide you throughout the modification procedure. Our team will cooperate with you in the best possible manner in formulating a child custody modification agreement that is agreeable by both parties and also protects the interest of the child.

From having the perfect Plano post-divorce lawyer to connecting you with the ideal child custody lawyer, we have lawyers that can effectively solve family issues without any chaos.

Contact Hargrave Family Law for a free consultation at 214-420-0100.

Post Divorce Modification Attorney Dallas Texas

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Post Divorce Modification Attorney Dallas Texas

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