Personal injury lawyer near me in Coral Springs

Personal injury lawyer near me in Coral Springs

Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me in Coral Springs

Personal injury accidents can happen anyplace, including in Broward County’s town of Coral Springs. Neglectful drivers, assets owners, and other Florida inhabitants are answerable for these accidents, in addition to the damages and injuries that happen because of these accidents.

If you or someone you love suffered injury in a slip and fall, car accident, or other accident, a personal injury attorney in Coral Springs could help you obtain compensation. The lawyers at Andres Lopez Law Firm offer free sessions to personal injury victims. Contact us on 954-417-8856.

What Are Our Choices?

For several personal injury victims, the initial step includes filing a claim with an insurance firm for compensation. Insurance firms concentrate on doing what is best for their firms, even though it means giving you less cash than is reasonable for your damages. Our attorneys can help build your claim and negotiate a payment corresponding with your injuries.

If the insurance firm refuses to offer you a fair payment offer, we may choose to move forward with a complaint. Filing a suit is not conceivable in each case; though, it may be the best choice for some victims. Our attorneys will assess your case and make your legal claim, if needed.

Consider that there is a time limit to file a complaint. Under Fla. Stat. Sec. 95.11, we have to file your personal injury complaint within four years of the day of the accident. Though, the sooner we start dealing with your claim, the easier it is to gather evidence and reach out to witnesses. Contact our lawyers immediately , so we can begin working on your lawsuit right away.

Negligence Is the Basis of Most Personal Injury Claims

Prior to filing a claim with the insurance firm or filing a lawsuit against the liable parties for your accident, we will have to decide which legal concepts to build your claim on. When we make a personal injury claim, we build it on the theory of negligence in many cases.

Neglect, or a person’s careless or reckless behavior, causes many personal injury accidents each year. When an individual breaches a duty they owed to somebody, they have made a careless act and could be responsible for the other person’s damages or injuries.

Passenger motor vehicle accidents– Motorists may cause a pedestrian or car accident when they drive their vehicles neglectfully by not paying attention, failing to observe state traffic laws, or driving while drunk.

Personal injury lawyer near me in Coral Springs

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Personal injury lawyer near me in Coral Springs

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