One does not understand the weight of a green card until they have one. A legal requirement to carry a valid green card at all times is enough reason to convince you to renew the green card.

The challenge to possess a valid green card at all times is even more prevalent due to Covid-19 related restrictions. Anyone caught outside the borders at the green card’s expiry date must present a resident visa upon entry. It is advisable to seek formal immigration advice from an attorney to prevent legal complications. It is even better if you understand the renewal process before the due date on your card.

The process of renewing your green card

Green cards issued after 1989 have an expiration date at the front of the card on all three versions. Green cards issued between 1977 and 1989 do not have an expiration date but must be updated to date to the latest card versions. Cards issued before 1977 are no longer valid and must be renewed.

Do you need an immigration attorney?

The online green card renewal process is executable online, using the official application sites. However, it is best to use an Immigration attorney because of the undisputable support for faster processes. Working with South Texas Legal Group keeps you on the proper path and pushes you to stay up to date with all legal changes of green card renewals in San Antonio.

Eligibility of green card renewals

Are you eligible for the renewal process? You can only get a new green card if you meet the following conditions:

  • You did not receive the first card mailed to your address
  • The card is up for expiry within the next six months
  • You have a case of a lost, damaged, or stolen card
  • The existing card has incorrect information, such as a misspelled name
  • A legal change of details such as the name and biographic data

The attorney will offer an extensive list of reasons you must renew the card. We can also explain instances that do not require you to replace the card, such as completing the citizenship application.

Allowed frequency of renewing a green card

The United States allows one to replace or renew the green card as many times as necessary. However, we advise them to apply all precautions, so they only have to replace the card every six months. Additionally, frequent renewals and replacements will make you a target because the USCIS will assume you are committing green card fraud, which negatively affects related applications in the future.

A denied green card renewal

The USCIS will always send an explanation if they reject your renewal. It is best to find a lawyer who will make a competent legal representation and submit an appeal for faster renewals or to replace a permanent resident card. We will help you avoid a second denial by ensuring the application matches the legal standards. The attorney at hand is happy to prepare and file the application while explaining all the details along the way. Today, get in touch at 210-320-5633 for a free consultation with experienced immigration or personal injury lawyer in San Antonio.


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