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Shawn Paschall at Cole Paschall Law is a reputed and highly successful DWI lawyer in Tarrant County with several awards and accolades for his unsurpassed legal representation. Shawn has helped multiple clients avoid a criminal conviction with his in-depth knowledge of the DUI/DWI laws in Texas and his aggressive approach.

Pros and cons of hiring a DWI lawyer

Finding the top-rated criminal defense lawyers in Fort Worth on your own can make a huge difference for your case. Contracting one of the leading DWI attorneys in Ft. Worth comes with pros and cons, namely:


  • Attorneys possess comprehensive legal knowledge and can simplify the technical jargon for you. Their in-depth grasp of the court system and DUI laws can help you garner a favorable case outcome.
  • A lawyer can stave off the potential punishments and minimize your charges or help you get a more lenient sentence.
  • An attorney can fight for your rights and help you lead a free life.


  1. Hiring a defense attorney can be a costly affair.
  2. It may involve a lot of research and effort before you can hire a skilled, astute, and experienced attorney.

The price of hiring an attorney is nothing compared to the benefits they may bring. More importantly, an attorney is your one sure shot way to eliminate the negative consequences of a criminal conviction.

Why should you meet with a DWI lawyer for a free consultation?

DUI laws in Texas can be complicated and can change from time to time, making it difficult for people with no legal experience or training to assess a DUI case. Each case comes with unique facts, and only an experienced DUI lawyer can point you in the right direction.

Look for board-certified Fort Worth DWI lawyers who provide a free consultation. Bring your police report and critical case documents to the consultation to make the most out of your time with the attorney. When meeting with the best drunk driving attorneys in Fort Worth, TX, you should bring a list of questions to the consultation with you and have them cleared. Meeting an attorney face-to-face is the best way to determine if they will be the right fit to handle your case.

How to get a DUI off my criminal record?

A DUI conviction can show up on your criminal record for several years, which can limit your ability to get jobs, rental properties, university admission applications, and professional licenses. Here is a list of ways to fight off a conviction:

  1. Each state has a specific waiting time before you can file a petition to clear your record. Some states allow individuals to get an application for expungement as soon as they complete their probation.
  2. You must file a petition to expunge a DUI conviction in the court of conviction and follow the local rules.
  3. Hire one of the best DUI attorneys in Fort Worth, Texas, to learn about the rules in your state regarding record expungement and guide you in the right direction.

Make the call now to get in touch with our DWI lawyer in Tarrant County. Reach us at 817-477-4100 to schedule a free consultation and discuss the prospects of your case. Cole Paschall Law is one of the top criminal law firms in Texas, with hundreds of positive reviews and experienced attorneys.

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