Criminal Lawyer Toronto On

Criminal Lawyer Toronto On

Robb Macdonald Toronto Criminal Lawyer is a preeminent attorney with commendable experience and an impeccable track record. Our criminal lawyer in Toronto, ON, has helped his clients avoid prison time and other penalties with his exceptional trial experience, analytical skills, and unsurpassed communication abilities.

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When to hire a criminal defense attorney?

Typically, you should hire an attorney the moment you get arrested. Getting a criminal lawyer in the early stages of your case to help you understand the complex criminal law in Toronto is essential to ensure your case's success. 

How much to hire an attorney in Toronto?

The cost of hiring a criminal attorney in Toronto can vary depending upon your case's complexity and the lawyer's experience. Most lawyers get paid by the hour, while some attorneys also use a block or flat fee schedule. On average, criminal lawyers in Toronto charge between $75 and $500 an hour. Nevertheless, you must hire one of the criminal attorneys in Toronto, considering how ending up with a conviction can cost you way more.

What is a judicial pretrial?

A judicial pretrial (“JPT”) refers to the discussions between the defense and crown attorney in front of a judge. The judge often provides valuable inputs and suggestions, which help bring the two parties closer to a resolution. Judicial pretrial helps facilitate agreements without any prejudices, and whatever is said or discussed during the meeting cannot be held against an accused person during the trial.

What is the procedure if I choose to plea guilty?

If you choose to plea guilty, the judge will ask a series of questions to ensure that you are doing this out of your own free will. The court clerk will then read out your charges and ask you if you plead guilty. If you do, the judge will set a date for a sentencing hearing.

I am facing charges of a criminal offense. Do I need a lawyer?

You may choose to represent yourself if you face charges for petty crimes or if your crime does not entail possible jail time. However, you must hire one of the experienced and successful Toronto criminal lawyers to dismiss your charges or receive reduced sentencing and penalties.

What happens at my first court appearance?

You will come to the front of the courtroom, and the crown attorney will provide you with initial disclosure. The judge will ask if you wish to retain a lawyer and then adjourn the case by 2-4 weeks to provide you with enough time to review your disclosure and hire one of the leading Toronto criminal attorneys.

What is a plea bargain offer?

The crown attorney may make an offer in some cases in an attempt to resolve your case without taking it to trial, which is called a plea bargain. Hiring one of the top criminal defense lawyers in Toronto can help you negotiate a favorable plea bargain deal with the crown prosecutor and reduce your sentencing, penalties, and charges significantly.

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Criminal Lawyer Toronto On

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