Criminal Defense Attorney Toronto Ontario

Criminal Defense Attorney Toronto Ontario

Robb Macdonald Toronto Criminal Lawyer is a reputed criminal defense attorney in Toronto, Ontario, with high success rates and several years of experience. Robb's in-depth knowledge of the criminal law and the judicial system allows his clients to receive a favorable case outcome sooner, saving hundreds of dollars in criminal proceedings.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Toronto

What makes our criminal defense lawyer the best in Toronto?

Robb is one of the top criminal defense lawyers in Toronto with years of experience in criminal jury trials, appeals, and out-of-court negotiations. One of Robb's stellar qualities is that he goes out of his way to handle complex and challenging cases and ensure the best outcome for his clients. Our criminal attorney, Robb, is one of the most honest, hard-working, and committed lawyers in Ontario.

After earning his J.D., Law degree from the Queen's University, Robb worked for some of the top law firms in Toronto. With over 15 years of legal experience, Robb has helped numerous clients dismiss their charges or receive reduced sentencing or penalties with his impeccable negotiation skills and unbeaten legal representation. He also has great ties with some of the crown attorneys, which allows him to negotiate a favorable plea bargain for his clients.

Should I hire a criminal lawyer in Toronto?

Self-representation is always a bad idea if you face criminal charges. The criminal law in Toronto has extremely complex aspects, and as an amateur, you may not fully understand your rights and obligations without an attorney's assistance.

Just like how you cannot perform life-saving surgery on yourself in an attempt to save a few hundred dollars, you should not skimp by not hiring one of the experienced criminal attorneys in Toronto. Without a criminal defense attorney, you are leaving a lot of things to chance, such as your job, your family, and your reputation.

Benefits of hiring a criminal defense attorney

Nothing can feel as intimidating and distressing as dealing with a criminal charge. Having one of the successful Toronto criminal lawyers by your side can help you steer through the complex legal system and come out of it victorious. Some of the benefits to hiring one of the Toronto criminal attorneys include:

  • Top criminal defense lawyers in Toronto understand all aspects of court procedures and criminal law and build a strong case on your behalf.
  • They can examine the evidence, investigate any potential inconsistencies, and prepare a robust defense against the charges.
  • While criminal defense attorneys prepare for contested trials, they can also negotiate favorable terms with the crown attorney through a plea bargain.

You can now book your free consultation with Robb MacDonald at 416-315-1505. Robb Macdonald Toronto Criminal Lawyer can help you understand your rights, educate you on your case's prospects, and prepare you on what to expect with the legal proceedings. As the #1 criminal defense attorney in Toronto, Ontario, we stand by our clients and reduce their embarrassment, emotional turmoil, and damage to their reputation by building a strong case in their favor.

Criminal Defense Attorney Toronto Ontario

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Criminal Defense Attorney Toronto Ontario

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