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Are you searching for the best civil rights attorney in Hawaii? Jody Broaddus at Attorneys for Freedom is one of the highly sought-after civil law attorneys with over 17 years of experience. With demonstrated success in handling challenging civil proceedings, she helps her clients receive the best outcome on their case with her unsurpassed legal representation.

How do I find a good civil rights lawyer?

If you face discrimination based on your race, sexual orientation, or gender, you can file a civil rights claim. Here are some tips on how to find the best civil rights lawyer:

  • To improve your odds of winning a favorable outcome in your case, you need to search for a lawyer that specializes in your type of civil rights dispute.
  • You must look for civil rights attorneys in the same county where you suffered discrimination or where the defendant lives. This way, the attorney will be well-acquainted with the courtroom procedures and local officials in that area, all of which can help in the quick processing of your case.
  • Be sure to ask your friends, family members, or colleagues for recommendations, and sit down for consultations with at least 3-4 lawyers before you hire the one that you wish to work with. 

Lastly, after consultation with a couple of lawyers, choose the one that you feel most comfortable with, with the highest level of skill, and an ample amount of experience to handle your case. Also, make sure to hire a civil rights attorney in Hawaii whose fee is reasonable.

What does a civil rights lawyer do?

A civil rights lawyer can represent your case if you suffer discrimination based on your gender, race, disability, or sexual orientation. They can help you file a civil rights violation lawsuit and help you receive a settlement through negotiations.

The civil rights law can be complex and perplexing, and you may not be able to prove a violation all by yourself. A civil rights attorney will advise you on the right course of action, help you understand what to expect in your legal proceeding, and improve your chances of winning a case.

Do I need a civil rights attorney?

A civil rights attorney could represent your case if you faced mistreatment or discrimination due to your race, sexual orientation, religion, gender, or disability. Some of the common civil rights violations include unreasonable search and seizures, cruel and unusual punishments, losing a job or promotion without any proper reason, abuse by a public official, etc. If you faced civil rights violations on any of these grounds, you could file a claim with the help of an attorney.

Call Attorneys for Freedom today to schedule a consultation with our top civil rights attorney in Hawaii, Jody Broaddus. She is a civil law specialist with exceptional negotiation and communication skills. Jody can help you get the best outcome on your case in a short duration and reduce the expenses of your legal proceeding considerably.

Civil Rights Attorney Hawaii

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